In the News

Click here for a link to the February 13, 2017 half-hour webinar on PMEP's new eelgrass habitat project, sponsored by TNC, and here for a copy of the presentation (.pdf).

PMEP supports three estuary restoration and protection projects in 2016! Click here for the details.

The first two products from the PMEP Nursery Habitat Assessment, Nursery Functions of U.S. West Coast Estuaries: The State of Knowledge for Juveniles of Focal Invertebrate and Fish Species and An Inventory and Classification of U.S. West Coast Estuaries, can be found here.

Authorities highlight nearshore's importance in Puget Sound recovery.

Check out the February 2017 issue of the coastal fish habitat partnerships newsletter here.

Check out the "True Value of Estuarine and Coastal Nurseries for Fish: Incorporating Complexity and Dynamics"


Endorsed Projects and Letters of Support


PMEP has endorsed/written letters of support for the following projects:



Measuring Restoration Outcomes and Blue Carbon Opportunities at the Southern Flow Corridor Project, Tillamook Bay Estuary, Oregon: Science-based monitoring for improved coastal community and ecosystem resilience - Estuary Technical Group, Confederate Tribes of Siletz Indians, University of Oregon

Lost River Coho Recovery Project - Lost River, CA - Sanctuary Forest, Inc.

Improving Coast Community Resilience Through West Coast Estuarine Habitat Prioritization, Planning and Protection - Ecotrust

Columbia Land Trust Pathways to the Pacific: Columbia River



Columbia Land Trust Pathways to the Pacific Project (flyer on the project)




Columbia Land Trust Pathways to the Pacific Project

Restoring Off-Estuary Habitat - Hoppaw Creek, Klamath River (Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program)

Coastal Cutthroat Trout Assessment - California to Alaska (Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission)



Port Townsend Voluntary No Anchor Eelgrass Protection Zone - Port Townsend, WA (Northwest Straights Marine Conservation Foundation)
San Juan County Neighborhood Salmon Conservation Program - San Juan County, WA (Friends of the San Juans)
Sand Lake Acquisition - Sand Lake Estuary, Oregon (North Coast Land Conservancy and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation)
San Gregorio Fish Habitat and Critical Flow Needs - San Mateo County, California (American Rivers)
Tillamook Bay Tidal Wetlands Acquisition and Floodplain Reconnection - Tillamook Bay, OR (Wild Salmon Center, Tillamook County)
Coastal Cutthroat Trout Assessment - Eel River in California to Prince William Sound in Alaska (Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission)