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2017 PMEP Funding Opportunity

The Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership (PMEP) is one of 19 regional fish habitat partnerships in the United States. Its mission is to protect, enhance, and restore ecological processes and habitats to sustain healthy native fish communities and support sustainable human uses that depend on healthy fish populations. It is advancing estuarine habitat classification and mapping and is gathering and assessing information about estuarine fish habitat use. It also prioritizes and funds fish habitat restoration projects.


PMEP’s strategic framework recognizes, as a current priority, the importance of estuary habitat to the production of juvenile fish.


PMEP is seeking project proposals that Increase the quality or availability of habitat for juvenile fish, with an emphasis on habitat connectivity; and secondarily projects that assess the use of habitats by juvenile fish in estuary environments.


All projects must show financial match and broad-based support for the work, though no specific match amounts are required.   


Recent projects funded in part by PMEP include the Bear River Estuary Project (Washington – 2014), the Southern Flow Corridor Project (Oregon – 2015) and the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project (California – 2014).


PMEP will award at least $50,000 and potentially up to $225,000 in 2017 for such projects (based on funding we receive from the National Fish Habitat Partnership for this purpose). Individual project awards are generally between $30,000 and $60,000. To apply for funding, interested applicants should complete and submit the online application. The deadline for project proposal submissions is November 15, 2016. Notifications of awards will be made in early 2017, and funds are expected to be awarded in the first quarter of 2017.   


If you have any questions, please contact PMEP Coordinator Lisa DeBruyckere at, or (503) 371-5939.


Grants PMEP has applied for:

  1. February 2013 - 2013 NOAA Coastal Habitat Restoration Program Grant - The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, on behalf of the PMEP, submitted a $4,481,241 grant proposal. The proposal would:

  • Fund restoration and monitoring for 11dike breach and setback projects across the West Coast. NOAA Restoration funding over three years will enable 11 projects to be completed and monitored for at least one year post-restoration.
  • Ensure a sound monitoring design exists to document effectiveness for each project.
  • Compare restoration effectiveness across projects.
  • Examine other status monitoring programs of Chinook and coho salmon outmigrations for a subset of these projects to estimate changes in fish recruitment resulting from restoration.

The PMEP seeks to improve survival and maximum production for the Pacific Coast’s numerous listed species (Chinook, Coho, chum, steelhead, bull trout, Eulachon, green sturgeon, tidewater goby, rockfish, starry flounder, and English sole) and other fish species of commercial importance through wetland restoration totaling 2,379 acres. Specific performance metrics are provided for all 11 projects, some of which include additional listed birds and mammals.

To read the proposal that was submitted, click here

To view the appendix, click here.

2. October 2012 - Multi-state Conservation Grant Proposal - Funds to support a workshop to advance multi-partnership goals along the West Coast to improve juvenile fish habitat by first conducting a West Coast-wide assessment. $50,000

3. August 2012 - A Letter of Intent was submitted for $150,000 for "Estuary conservation strategies in the face of sea level rise on the Pacific Coast: what's the biggest bang for the buck?" The Letter of Intent was accepted, but a full proposal was not submitted.

4. July 2012- A $165,329 Landscape Conservation Cooperative proposal was submitted: "Monetary costs of protection, restoration, and enhancement in Pacific Coast estuaries: Making strategic investments to "move the needle." $165,329. The proposal was not funded


Grant Applications Submitted by PMEP
Grant applications submitted by the PMEP can be found here.