PMEP Nursery Assessment




Presentations from the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Meeting in Portland, Oregon - November 2015

Lessons learned in the application of CMECS to Oregon estuary habitats (A. Lanier)

An inventory and classification of US West Coast esuatires: A foundation for research, restoration, conservation (W. Heady)

Nursery functions of US West Coast estuaries: An overview of the state of knowledge (J. Brown)

Climate mediates hypoxic stress on fish diversity and nursery function at the land-sea interface (B. Hughes)

A nested spatial framework for informing fish habitat protection and restoration across west coast estuaries (V. Hare)

Mapping the extent of West Coast tidal wetlands using extreme water level data and LIDAR (L. Brophy)

Assessment of the nursery functions for juvenile fish in West Coast estuaries (J. Toft)

Setting priorities across coastal landscapes: a review of prioritization methods for estuary restoration and protection (J. Bragg)

Toward an estuary restoration prioritization scheme in a rapidly changing world (E. Grossman)

Determining the effect of watershed stressors on habitat quality in Gulf estuaries using hierarchical modeling (J. Miller)

Effects of nursery habitat selection on English sole energy storage with respect to seasonal hypoxia (M. Stowell)

Concluding synthesis: The status of estuary habitats for juvenile fish across California, Oregon, and Washington (L. DeBruyckere)


PMEP Assessment Team Presentations - December 10, 2014

West Coast Tidal Wetland Mapping Update (L. Brophy, H. Imaki)

Prioritization Approaches and Methods (D. Shively, T. Miewald, and M. Mertens)

Phase II Spatial Data Tasks (V. Hare)

PMEP Data Status (K. Siitari)


PMEP Assessment Presentation at Restore America's Estuaries Conference

(Washington, DC, November 5, 2014)

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State of the Knowledge Report webinars - hosted in May of 2014

Webinar presentation

Raw meeting minutes from the May 20, May 22 and May 30 webinars