Steering Committee Meetings


October 12-13, 2016 (Portland, Oregon)


Meeting agenda

Meeting minutes


The Path to Strategic Investments in West Coast Estuaries (L. DeBruyckere)

A Spatial Data System in Support of PMEP's Prioritization Framework (V. Hare, B. Holycross, K. Sherman, L. Brophy, H. Imaki)

Prioritization Framework: Integrating Spatial Data with PMEP's Past and Future Work (K. Sherman)

CMECS Classification for West Coast Estuaries (B. Holycross)

CMECS Classification of West Coast Estuaries: How CMECS Can Help PMEP Achieve Its Goals (L. Brophy)

Rapid Analysis of Historic Tidal Wetland Losses for the West Coast (L. Brophy)

Estuary Conditions and Impacts Identified in Existing National and Regional Assessments (V. Hare, K. Sherman)


December 1-2, 2015 (Sacramento, California)


Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

The Path to Strategic Investments in West Coast Estuaries (L. DeBruyckere)

National Estuarine and Marine Assessment - Gulf of Mexico Regional Assessment - Lessons Learned and Applications to the West Coast (K. Blackhart)

Nursery Functions of West Coast Estuaries: Data Assessment for Juveniles of 15 Focal Fish and Crustacean Species (J. Toft et al.)

Habitat Coverage Targets for the Lower Columbia River - How Much is Enough? (C. Corbett et al.)

Mapping the Extent of West Coast Tidal Wetlands Using Extreme Water Level Data and LIDAR (L. Brophy et al.)


April 8-9, 2015 (Long Beach, Washington)


Meeting Minutes

PMEP Prioritization Committee (Prioritization Committee)

PMEP Assessment Data Analysis and Techniques (J. Toft)

PMEP Spatial Framework Update and Discussion (Spatial Framework Team)

Ecological Prioritization Literature Review (K. Siitari)


April 9-10, 2014 (Tiburon, California)


Meeting Minutes



Linking to the big picture: Goals of the NFHP National Assessment and lessons learned from the Gulf of Mexico Pilot Assessment (K. Blackhart)

Updating Oregon's estuarine wetland habitat maps: Modernizing the foundation for coastal resource management (L. Brophy)

Annual exceedance probability and the NOAA extreme water levels analysis (L. Brophy)

West Coast estuary inventory to support three fish assessments (W. Heady)

Nursery functions of West Coast estuaries: A state of the knowledge report (B. Hughes)

Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership: Advancing juvenile fish habitat in estuarine and nearshore marine environments (K. Schaeffer)


Examples of conceptual models

Simplified CMECS diagram

Puget Sound Nearshore Stressor Model

Basic and complex conceptual model examples

Integrated regional wetland monitoring pilot project (IRWM) conceptual model update



Meeting Photos

April 2-3, 2013 (Astoria, Oregon)


Meeting Minutes
National Coastal Wetland Grant Program and Coastal Program (Chris Swenson)
PMEP Update (Korie Schaeffer)

Fish Habitat Assessments on the Pacific Coast (Correigh Greene)