Eelgrass Restoration Synthesis Table

This table is a summary of all projects included into analyses described in the Eelgrass Synthesis Report. Project numbers denoted by an asterisk (projects 52-57) mark restorations where quantitative information was unavailable (i.e., shoot densities or areas), but whose qualitative data on likely drivers of eelgrass loss were included in analyses. Information on whether projects “met defined success criteria” refers to practitioner defined success, whereby “varies” implies that some plots may have met criteria while others failed. The parenthetical values in ‘Method Category & Type’ cells indicate the applied mitigation ratio (i.e., if an active mitigation project planted a 1.2:1 ratio, the cell would read ‘Active, Mitigation (1.2)’.

How To Use The Table

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Please refer to the Eelgrass Synthesis Report for important information on how the data were gathered, how to interpret results, and qualifiers and exclusions.

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