Restoring tidal swamps in the Pacific Northwest: information for restoration practitioners

PMEP is thrilled to announce the completion of our latest assessment report Restoring Tidal Swamps in the U.S. Pacific Northwest: Information for Restoration Practitioners. Tidal swamps were historically common in the Pacific Northwest but are now rare, having been lost at greater rates than other types of tidal wetlands in many areas. This report provides information on early efforts in the emerging field of tidal swamp restoration, including documentation of 14 active tidal swamp restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest. The report provides an overview of the ecological importance of tidal swamps, the importance of restoring these valuable habitats, and unique challenges that practitioners should consider when approaching their restoration. The report includes information on reference site selection, elevated platforms, reed canarygrass control, large woody debris and channel design, beaver monitoring, and effectiveness monitoring. Find the full report HERE.