Project Endorsement Guidelines

Looking for a support letter from the Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership (PMEP) for your project?


PMEP is happy to consider providing letters of support for projects and initiatives that align with its mission, priorities, and strategic plan. Endorsement by PMEP may lend additional weight for a strong application to regional and national funders and advance the likelihood funding success.

PMEP-funded projects: When the PMEP Steering Committee agrees to recommend a project for funding, endorsement by PMEP is implied.

All other Projects: The Committee asks that you follow the below process to request a letter of support or other endorsement.

 How to Request a Letter of Support or Endorsement for Your Project

  1. Please fill out the PMEP Project Endorsement Application Form

  2. Endorsement requests must be made no later than three weeks prior to due date of the desired receipt of the endorsement letter.


Since 2012, PMEP has endorsed a variety of projects along the West Coast. All projects that seek endorsement must further the goals of PMEP to protect, enhance and restore ecological processes and habitats within estuaries and nearshore marine environments to sustain healthy native fish communities within natural species assemblages. PMEP discourages the use of live non-native species in projects that PMEP endorses and will generally not consider these projects for endorsement.