Data Products


PMEP West Coast Estuary Viewer

This map viewer highlights spatial data products developed by PMEP to characterize habitats and synthesize information in support of habitat conservation and restoration goal setting.  Most of the data presented in this viewer are available for download below. 


PMEP Funded Projects Story Map

This Story Map highlights the many diverse projects supported by PMEP, including links to detailed information about each project and the partners involved. 

Spatial Data

West Coast USA Current and Historical Estuary Extent

This layer represents the current and historical tidal wetlands, or estuary extent, for the West Coast of the contiguous United States.

PMEP Estuary Points

This layer represents estuaries, as points, in the Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership's (PMEP) spatial data system.

West Coast USA Estuarine Biotic Habitat

These data represent the Biotic Component (BC) of the Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard (CMECS) for estuaries of the West Coast of the contiguous United States.

Indirect Assessment of West Coast USA Tidal Wetland Loss

This map layer provides an indirect estimate of emergent, scrub-shrub and forested tidal wetland losses for 55 estuaries spanning the contiguous United States West Coast.

West Coast USA Eelgrass (Zostera sp.) Habitat

This package of map layers represents the presence and maximum observed extent of eelgrass (Zostera sp.) habitat on the West Coast of the United States (Washington, Oregon, and California), based on the best available existing spatial data showing the current and historic extent of eelgrass in the region.