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Click here for a link to the February 13, 2017 half-hour webinar on PMEP's new eelgrass habitat project, sponsored by TNC, and here for a copy of the presentation (.pdf).

PMEP supports three estuary restoration and protection projects in 2016! Click here for the details.

The first two products from the PMEP Nursery Habitat Assessment, Nursery Functions of U.S. West Coast Estuaries: The State of Knowledge for Juveniles of Focal Invertebrate and Fish Species and An Inventory and Classification of U.S. West Coast Estuaries, can be found here.

Authorities highlight nearshore's importance in Puget Sound recovery.

Check out the February 2017 issue of the coastal fish habitat partnerships newsletter here.

Check out the "True Value of Estuarine and Coastal Nurseries for Fish: Incorporating Complexity and Dynamics"


Pacific Marine and Estuarine

Fish Habitat Partnership

 Supporting priority habitat conservation work for juvenile fish along the Pacific coast

The Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership (PMEP) is one of 19 nationally recognized partnerships that seeks to advance regional and national goals relating to juvenile fish habitat. PMEP supports existing efforts in targeted priority areas and encourages new efforts to:

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    Protect and maintain intact and healthy aquatic systems
  • Prevent further degradation of fish habitats
  • Reverse declines in the quality and quantity of aquatic habitats
  • Increase the quality and quantity of fish habitats that support a broad natural diversity of fish and other aquatic species


Our vision is to provide for healthy native fish populations in functional, resilient estuarine and nearshore marine ecosystems in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Our mission is to work with partners to protect, enhance, and restore ecological processes and habitats within estuaries and nearshore marine environments to sustain healthy native fish communities and support sustainable human uses that depend on healthy fish populations.


Our priorities are to protect, restore, and enhance:

  • juvenile fish habitat in nearshore marine and estuary habitats;
  • tidal wetland-intertidal-subtidal-nearshore connectivity; and
  • water quality and quantity in estuaries and nearshore marine environments.

For a map showing locations to and information about PMEP-funded projects, click here.

Links to our member websites: 

US Fish and Wildlife Service Region 1 | NOAA Fisheries - Southwest Region, Northwest Region |
US Forest Service Regions 5 and 6 | South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve | 
Makah Tribe | Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program | California Department of Fish and Wildlife | Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife | Washington Department of Ecology | Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife | Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission | The Nature Conservancy Pacific Fishery Management Council