State of the Knowledge Report for West Coast Eelgrass Coming Soon

PMEP, with funding support from The Nature Conservancy, will be releasing a report on the state of the knowledge of eelgrass habitats along the West Coast later this Spring. The report synthesizes the state of scientific knowledge of U.S. West Coast estuary eelgrass habitats and the ecosystem services they provide. PMEP held a webinar on January 31st to give a preview of the findings in the report. The webinar slides can be viewed here РJan 31 Presentation on West Coast Eelgrass.

We investigated the role of 444 U.S. West Coast estuaries in providing eelgrass habitat. PMEP synthesized the literature relevant for the West Coast and standardized existing geospatial data on the current and historic extent of eelgrass for Zostera spp. In addition to the report, PMEP will be introducing a geodatabase that contains information on eelgrass in estuaries along the coast.

Check our website later this spring for the report and data.